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  • Easter is Around the Corner



    Easter is around the corner. If you're looking for exciting and creative activities for Easter, here are some activities to get your bodies and brains involved.


    Easter eggs


    Easter chocolate eggs are laid out in the candy store. The smallest and the simplest of the tricks are cheap, and the kids can buy them with their own pocket money. There are two kinds of eggs listed during this period. The small one is called fondant, which is a little more than an inch long. It is a thin layer of chocolate on the outside. It is a sweet and soft dough, and then wrapped in various shapes in colored tin foil. The other is an empty egg, which is slightly larger and generally larger than the duck egg. There is nothing inside, just a chocolate shell. Just break the shell and eat chocolate chips. As Easter approaches, the candy store's window will be filled with more beautiful eggs. There are also a variety of small gifts for attracting children. The chicks are made of fluffy wool, and the chick's mouth and feet are glued to the card. Lucky children may get several such gifts from relatives and friends.


    Easter eggs are meant to bring happiness to people - it is true! These eggs are beautiful and decorative, they represent people's good wishes and share the joy of seasonal change. Remember to make Easter eggs with your family and carry out an easter egg hunt with your kids, which will be another very happy family day event.


    Easter bunny


    Another symbol of Easter is the bunny because it is highly reproductive and people see it as the creator of a new life. During the festival, adults will vividly tell the children that Easter eggs will hatch into rabbits. Many families also put some eggs on the garden lawn to let the children play the game of finding eggs. Easter bunny and eggs have also become popular items during the holiday season. The mall sells a variety of bunny and egg-shaped goods, and is also filled with small rabbits and eggs made of chocolate in small food stores and candy shops. These "food bunny" look cute and have different egg shapes. It tastes sweet and delicious, and it is also very suitable for friends.





    Typical Easter gifts are related to spring and regeneration: eggs, chickens, bunny, flowers, and especially lilies are symbols of this season. On Easter Eve, the children paint their eggs for friends and family. Some of these eggs are cooked very old, and some are just empty eggshells. On Easter morning, the children will find the Easter basket in front of the bed filled with chocolate eggs, Easter bunny, fluffy chicks and doll toys. It is said that the Easter Bunny will hide the eggs indoors or in the grass for the children to look for. In some countries, the Easter Egg Roll event will even be broadcast live on TV.




    Traditional food for Easter


    In general, traditional Easter foods include bread, ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, apple pie, and lamb.


    Traditional Easter food has two parts. Part of it is the bread and ham that the family makes themselves. Before Easter, every housewife of every household will make a lot of bread and ham, and bring it to the church with the eggs on Easter day to share with everyone.




    The other part is the Easter family meal. The content is basically the same as the Christmas dinner, with turkey, cranberry sauce and apple pie being an integral part. Of course, many people are not baking bread and ham at home. Every year, there are many special Easter food sales fairs on Easter. In addition to supermarkets, they are sometimes held in churches. American food on Easter is also very characteristic, mostly based on lamb and ham.




    Adding much to your home with our products.


    Don't forget that Lessohome.com also has a lot of suitable products for your dinner, including tableware, candle holder, wall/home Decor, artifact, and more.


    *The cover photo is from "https://www.pexels.com/"
  • Designing with Lesso Home: Quartz


    Today’s manufactured tiles for residential use are far more resilient and flexible than those of the past. Give your kitchen or bathroom a touch of class or makeover with this elegant material that adds real value to your property.


    Manufactured or faux tiles are tiles that have the look of a real stone eg. marble, a natural material, but are made in the factory to exacting specifications. They now come in a range of colors and finishes that often match or at least effectively mimic their natural counterparts, but because they are not mined in a quarry and shipped to a yard for finishing, they can be had for far less cost.


    If you’re working on a new home project or thinking of upgrading your existing home, we invited you to consider using faux tiles instead. Engineered tiles are durable, affordable and easy to clean. They can be more resistant to chemical attack and because of their composition, can resist staining better than real stone. Benchtops and floors are common uses for these tiles in kitchens, while in the bathroom, the material can be used for the vanity top and on floors and walls outside and inside the shower area.


    When designing or finishing your space with imitation stone, incorporate the material into your layout as you would any natural stone. While a quartz benchtop or countertop should not need sealing because of its density, sealing the surface is still a prudent move and only takes a short time to complete. Your quartz tile installer will know the best sealant to use and should be able to handle this task.


    Cleaning & Maintenance


    Your quartz surface should be cleaned without using any chemically harsh or abrasive cleaners. Surfaces can simply be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm water. A mild dish soap may be used if there are any food grease or oil stains. Remember all stone can be damaged, no matter how good its quality, so still use care when using your surfaces. Objects hitting edges, particularly at penetrations through the material such as sinks or vanities, can damage or chip the material.


    Any surface can also be damaged by any sudden or rapid changes in temperature, so avoid placing hot cooking pots or pans directly onto the surface. It is always better to use a potholder or some other dishware stand to protect your beautiful finishes.


    For very tough stains, multipurpose cleaners and detergents may need to be applied using a scouring pad. A gentle cleaning action should transfer the dirt from the surface to the pad. The cleaning pad should not damage your countertop surface.


    Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia when cleaning. Remember manufactured finishes are tough, but not indestructible.


    Lesso Home Quartz series


    Lesso Home has a stunning selection of manufactured quartz tiles that are perfectly suited to contemporary and classic designs.


    These quartz tiles give industry professionals and home renovators the best of both worlds. The natural looking imitation stone tile is made using high quality materials that deliver the look and feel of real quartz without the high price tag


    Quartz is made using a unique polymer resin mixed with real quartz to produce an extremely durable, long lasting floor material. This advanced manufacturing technique delivers beautiful floor products in a range of patterns and finishes that surpasses that of real stone. The material is available in a couple of thicknesses.


    Panels can be cut and used in a variety of locations.




    • Impact Resistant
    • Heat Resistant
    • Versatile
    • High Level of Color Consistency
    • NSF Certified


    Can be used in


    Kitchens l

    • Benchtops
    • Splashbacks
    • Tabletops



    • Vanities (Countertops)
    • Bathtub surrounds
    • Shower Walls
    • Window Sills
    • Flooring



    We have a wide selection of quartz stones to choose from



    Tiles for every location


     A completed bathroom layout


    When done correctly, a fully tiled bathroom or kitchen looks both modern and timeless. We invite you to explore our great range of quartz tiles available from Lesso Home. Just go to the Lesso Home website and start browsing. You’ll find our tiles, product specifications and more in the Building Materials sections.

  • Romance Lights for Valentine's Day


    Bring a sense of romance with candles and roses


    Roses and candles have been symbols of romance since ancient times. Candles and roses can give a sense of romance, especially at night. And no girl would dislike a romantic man. In the various scenes of expression, occasionally candles will be staged to express love. That kind of scene makes people feel very beautiful. Candles are very plastic. You can put them in any shape, depending on what you like or what she likes, and then sprinkle roses next to the candles. Pedestrians stop to have a look at it, which will greatly improve your chances of success.


    Girls pursue romance. They will feel very happy when they are with the boys they like. Most girls don't care how rich they are and what they can give them, as long as they love them enough. The atmosphere created by candles at night satisfies the romantic pursuit in girls'minds, and the expression of boys satisfies girls' desire for loved ones, which increases the chances of success for boys and does not require much wealth. Candles can be a good tool for expressing love.




    Once I lived in the place where I had witnessed such a scene, a boy in the street filled with candles, the shape of candles is heart-shaped and girl's name, candles around sprinkled with petals and ribbons, girls came unaware of the situation, boys holding flowers affectionately to girls, besides the sound playing love songs, passers-by shouted together, girls were feeling In the end, they successfully kissed each other. This scene satisfies all the girls'romantic fantasies. Which girl can refuse such a romantic scene arranged by the person she likes?




    The role of candle to home


    Candles add a lot to the family. Warmth and artistry can be added to any room by candles. They can make you relax and sleep well. Scented candles enhance any mood.


    Candle's Pros and Cons



    In fact, aromatherapy candles have long been popular among white-collar workers in European and American countries. When burning, aromatherapy candles emit scents that can be transmitted to the brain through the central nervous system, which has the effect of relaxing nerves. And scent itself has the function of purifying air and eliminating scent. Different aromatherapy candles also stimulate different cerebral cortex, so different tastes have different effects. They were very useful in times of power outages.





    From the development of aromatherapy candles so far, the formal production of aromatherapy candles has not found a problem. However, aromatherapy candles are not recommended for constant use when used and must be ventilated once in about 2 hours. And it should be an open fire, so it must be extinguished immediately when you leave.


    Adding much to your home with our products. Don't forget that Lessohome.com also has a lot of suitable products for your dinner, including candle holder, wall/home Decor, artifact, tableware and more.




    *The cover photo is from "https://www.pexels.com/"


  • Getting your home in top shape for your New Year celebrations

    The new year is a time for renewing personal commitments or making a fresh start in life. With Christmas kicking off the holiday season, the mood around your home will be a happy one with food, friends and family and good times filling up your days.


    This is also the perfect opportunity to get your home in tip-top shape for the busy times ahead. But preparations don't need to be complicated. It only takes a few simple steps and you'll be ready to handle any situation. With that said, let's begin!


    To do list

    The first thing that you will need to do is work out what needs to be done. This can include cleaning the home, buying decorations, making up a guest list and meal menus, and hanging up decorations. There is also an important task that is often unpopular but a must: cleaning up and taking down decorations after the celebrations have ended.


    Dedicate tasks to family members

    Your family will be your key support. During holidays, especially big holidays, everyone will want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. However getting ready for the good times ahead and taking part in the preparations for this are also part of the celebration. Once you have your to do list, it's time to assign the right people to the right tasks, don't forget to include your children! Let them join in the preparations. Don't expect that they will be able to perform tasks as an adult would but give them each something worthwhile to do. Let them enjoy communicating and cooperating with other family members to get the tasks done. Your children will gain immense satisfaction from taking on a task and completing it themselves.


    Keep an orderly kitchen

    There may be a lot of cooking going on during this period, so make sure you're stocked up on kitchen supplies and that all your appliances are in good condition. If there are any problem, have these fixed ahead of time.


    Courtesy of lessohome.com


    Deciding on where to celebrate

    Whether the Living Room, Dining Room or entertainment area, you'll always be able to find some place where you can chat with your family and friends, or host a gathering to celebrate the New Year. Things you may need to consider are: the number of visitors, whether alcohol will be serve and whether you will need to inform or will be disturbing your neighbors.


    Tips on decorating your home


    • Festive cheer highlights can include

    -Colors: gold, silver, white and your favorite colors and well as those valued in your own culture

    -Lighting: decorative lighting including string lights

    -Indoors: metal or wall crafts, pictures and photos in frames, cleaned or new covers for your furniture, new artwork or photos on your walls

    -Outdoors: a Christmas wreath on the front door, mistletoe, garlands at the main entrance, along the front steps and along railings and balconies, lanterns on the ground and paths



    Products from Lessohome.com



    • Warm Reminder

      Having a Christmas tree is a nice idea, but if the habits and customs of your own culture do not involve having a tree, you can forego this tradition.


    Be a good host

    The festive season includes a lot of celebrations. A good host will be prepared with the following: a home that's ready to host more visitors than usual, interesting topics of conversation that will help guests mingle, plenty of snacks and drinks, clean rest rooms and equipment for cleaning up quickly and a good selection of music and movies for a variety of tastes. Don't forget to enjoy yourself as well and don't disappear in front of your guests for too long!


    Get ready for dinner

    A delicious dinner is definitely an important part of your celebrations. You can prepare some dishes in advance by buying ingredients and starting your cooking early. Some dishes can be bought pre-prepared products which will save time. This is a great opportunity for your children to get involved. Here are some suggested highlights for your menu:


    -Everyone’s favorite dishes

    -Champagne, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beveragesin nice glasses

    -Beautiful tableware placement, selected napkinsin creative folding style, floral Napkin rings, spray roses, hydrangeas, etc. It’s a touch of elegance to your meal

    -Edible glitter sprinkled on the food





    After the celebration

    The celebrations have been wonderful but we still have things to do. It's time for the clean up. Many hosts will be dreading this moment but it doesn't have to be a difficult time. Getting your home back to the way it was before the party takes effort but it is also a good chance to cultivate good habits and a sense of responsibility in your family, especially your children. Here are some things you will need to decide:


    - What should be cleaned up that that night (eg. empty packaging, leftover food) and what can be left the next day (eg. vacuuming and dusting)
    - Wash all the dishes, pick up any glasses and empty bottles, clean the kitchen and wipe down furniture
    - Mow your lawn (optional)
    - Take down and pack away any decorations including string lights and lighting decorations


    Now that we've gone through all the important steps, you're home is now ready for the new year holidays. We hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends and don't forget that Lesso Home has a complete range of tableware, home goods and decor to help you make your holiday events a success.


    Happy New Year and Enjoy!

  • Kitchen Cabinets: Re-furbish or Replace?

    The kitchen is one of the more costly rooms to fit out in any home or residential property, mainly because of the density of fittings, appliances and services required to make this space work. It makes sense then to consider carefully what kind of work you want to have done, when the time comes for that all important upgrade. For those on a budget, re-finishing or re-facing their kitchen cabinets can be a cost saving alternative* to buying a completely new kitchen suite, especially as they can account for around 50% of your total kitchen budget.


    *see Pros & Cons


    What’s involved


    There are 3 ways in which kitchen cabinets can be given an update: Re-staining - where a new surface coating or timber stain is applied to the external faces of the cabinets; Re-finishing - a new veneer or other finishing material is fixed to the doors and other external surfaces and Re-facing - where the existing doors, drawer faces and side panels are replaced with new ones. It’s probably no surprise that these three methods come at different price points, with re-staining being the lowest and re-facing the highest.


    Here we provide some good examples of each







    Before you decide


    One of the main considerations in your kitchen upgrade will be indeed be your budget. With kitchen costs being roughly split between labor and materials, saving on one half of the equation by refurbishing can certainly make a difference, but this may not always be the only issue. Much depends on the current state of your existing cabinets and their functionality. Old cabinets that have a lot of wear and tear will not be good candidates for an update. Similarly are cabinets that have already been damaged or affected by water or constant moisture from plumbing fittings or other environmental intrusions. In both cases, the cabinet material will have become weak and may fail in the near future or when any new finish is applied to it.


    The other aspect is functionality. Kitchen cabinets today have wider, deeper dimensions than those built in earlier years and are designed to fit modern appliances which older kitchens may not be able to accommodate. As well as often being simply too small and shallow, they may not be able to accept a dishwasher or multi-hob cooktop. Plus you may want to add other features like a vented extraction fan (rangehood) and benchtop lighting, and this may require some costly adapting of the cabinets themselves.


    Good candidates for a refit are kitchens that have not been built too long ago, so have plenty of life left, have not been significantly degraded and are suitably proportioned to function as you need them to.


    Age can be good


    Surprisingly, the age of some kitchens can sometimes be an plus. Depending on your location, some earlier cabinet designs used thick, robust materials that stand up well over time and can handle refurbishing or reworking without problems. The doors and outer panels may need new hardware or even replacing but the cabinet shells and shelves may be in solid condition and offer years more use. If you’ve assessed your kitchen and feel its suitable for a refit, you can move onto the next step.


    Remember the finishing touches


    It’s important to remember the accessories that are part of your cabinets, and these should be allowed for in your upgrade budget. With a brand new finish to your cabinets, you will likely want to install new door handles, drawer pulls and even hinges.


    Modifications may also be needed to your doors and cabinet faces to accommodate the new hardware or patch up old fittings that have been removed. Refurbishing the inside of your cabinets may also be an option, but note that this will often be a separate upgrade item.


    You should also keep in mind that you may want revolving shelves in your corner cabinets, drawer trays, wine bottle holders and other inserts or add-ons that are common in today’s kitchen. All of these will have an impact on your budget.



    Decision Time


    When finally deciding on whether to refurbish or replace, it is essential to consider the overall functionality of the kitchen - how it is being used now and how it may need to be used in the years ahead, when changing needs or family numbers place different demands on the space. Even where cabinets are well built, they may not be what you need. Be sure you will be happy and satisfied with the layout and operation of your kitchen, after your upgrade and in the future.


    Re-furbishing Pros & Cons




    Saves time - refurbishing offers a shorter time frame to completion

    Less stress - no need for demolition, preparation or extensive installation work

    Less hassle - no need to decommission and remove existing appliances

    Convenient - your kitchen can often be used while it is being upgraded

    Potential savings - can be 50% of the cost of brand new cabinets




    Risks - depends on the condition of existing cabinets

    Lifespan - overall, kitchen life may be shorter

    Adaptability - may not be able to accommodate new appliances or fittings

    Functionality - may not fully suit your lifestyle and daily routine


    For home renovators and building industry professionals looking for a new kitchen, Lesso Home’s collection of timeless designs bring a modern elegance to any residential project. Discover our kitchen range and more by going to www.lessohome.com.








  • Light Up Your Home

    Our handy guide to choosing and arranging light fittings for the professional buyer & home renovator


    If you are reading this blog, it means you’re in the market for lighting products for your property project or business and if so, congratulations!  The world you’ve entered is an exciting one with light playing an important role in realizing designs and creating beautiful spaces for us to live in.


    In this blog we take a look at the basic concepts behind lighting a single space in a home. While the actual locations of our light fittings will vary from room to room, we can look at the underlying principles that define a typical layout, and apply them to any residential space.


    With the advent of smart light fittings, that can be activated by wireless control hubs connected to the internet, we are entering into an unprecedented era of change. While these new technologies may not directly affect our basic principles, they are changing the way users interact with lighting products. We’ll take a walk through our typical layout first and come back to this aspect at the end.


    The Basics


    Lighting for a space can be divided into 3 main types. There is a fourth type, but to start off, we’ll focus on the first 3. These are Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. The terms are self-explanatory but to clarify we’ll take a look at each and how together these different light sources combine to provide all lighting you need in a space.


    Ambient Light


    Ambient light is light which provides the general illumination in a room. Single ceiling lights, or luminaires, are the most common type of ambient lighting. In a large space there will be an arrangement of these. In commercial spaces, such general light sources might be in the form a grid, evenly spaced. Ambient lighting delivers an even wash of light over the space without any emphasis on any one location.


    Task Lighting


    Task lights are lights that provide additional illumination to a particular area, where a specific activity is taking place. This can be anywhere in a space and can often be indicated by more intense lighting created by different looking, smaller fittings than our background lights. Example of these are table lamps next to a sofa, desk lamps and strip lighting above a kitchen benchtop.


    Accent Lighting


    Wherever we want to provide emphasis or draw attention to a place in a room, we use accent lighting. Like task lighting, these lights are often stronger or variable in light intensity to our ambient lighting and provide visual interest in the space. Now, instead of having uniform light, the room becomes ‘shaped’ that is, more textured, as different elements are highlighted.


    Feature Lights


    While most spaces are defined by our three main lighting types, there is a fourth type, the feature light. This kind of fitting is different to our other types because, while those highlight an important location, the feature light is the highlight. The feature light may be a chandelier, an illuminated light box or a video screen, for example. In each case this element is a source of light that must be considered when creating our lighting layout.


    Here are some great examples of each type of light source







    And when combined, a well-designed lighting layout makes a huge difference to a space! Below we see a typical bedroom. Once our lights are installed, the room becomes  more interesting visually and because of this, more inviting.


    Before                                                                  After



    Light Fittings


    Here are examples of each light fitting type. Indicative only as there may be exceptions.


    Ambient Task Accent
    chandelier - -
    flush mounted - -
    semi-flush mounted - -
    fluorescent - -
    pendant - -
    recessed recessed recessed
    island lights island lights -
    - track lighting track lighting
    wall lighting - uplighter - wall lighting - uplighter
    wall lighting - downlighter - wall lighting - downlighter
    wall lighting - up-downlighter - wall lighting - up-downlighter
    - downlights/spotlights down/spot/pin lights



    Specifications & Illumination


    Before we decide how to place our lights, it’s important to know how to define them and see what they are doing in the space.



    Illumination and Lux


    Light received from a light fixture is measured in lux. This is a standard unit of light intensity that falls on a given surface. One lux is the amount of light falling on a one-by-one square-meter area produced by our standardized light source at a distance of one meter. The lux is also known as the illumination.


    This also means that when our light source is further and further away from our target surface, the amount of light reaching our surface drops. Because of this, we will often need more than one light fitting to achieve our target lux. This is often the case with task lighting or even ambient lighting when the areas to be lit up are large.


    Here are some rule-of-thumb values1 for ambient and task lighting in common areas in a home or other residence. The right hand column shows how much light intensity or lux is desirable in each space.


    Entry, Hallway 100-500 lux
    Living Room / Task 300* / 500 task (*some references say 50)
    Dining Room 200
    Family Room, Home Theater 150
    Kitchen / Kitchen Work spaces 300 / 750
    Bedroom / Task 100-300 / 500
    Home Office / Task 500 / 800
    Bathrooms 300
    Laundry 200

     1 www.thoughtco.com/lighting-levels-by-room-1206643


    For interest, and as a comparison, we can see how many lux are standard for other types of spaces2


    Outdoor Environment 10,000 to 25,000
    Hospital Theater 1,000
    Supermarket, Sports Hall 750
    Factory, Workshop 750
    Office 500
    School Classroom, Lecture Hall 250
    Home Theater 150
    Family, Living Room 300 (*50)



    Lumens or Luminous Flux


    The luminous flux measured in lumens, is the total amount of light emitted by a given light source; in this case, our light fitting. This total amount is sometimes referred to as the luminous flux, but nowadays most lighting products will have their output displayed on the box in lumens.


    Lumens to Watts


    The lumens rating for any lighting fitting can be calculated from its wattage (W), or vice-versa, by using a specific formula. We don’t need to delve into the math behind this, but as a rule of thumb we can take a look at the following output for different watt light fittings.


    Incandescent LEDs/Fluoros Equivalent Output
    watts watts lumens
    25 6.23 375
    40 10 600
    60 15 800-900
    75 18.75 1125
    100 25 1500
    150 37.5 2250
    200 50 3000


    From the guide above we see that, if we require 1500 lux in our space, we can either purchase a 25W LED or another type of 1500-lumens light fitting, to give us the light intensity we need. You’ll also note that LEDs deliver far more lumens for less watts than an incandescent globe, which is why LEDs are far more efficient and better value for money in the long term, since they last a lot longer than traditional light fixtures. Because of this, LED light fittings are increasingly supplanting all other types, including halogen, as the go-to choice for fittings.


    Lumens for Lux


    We calculate the number of lumens required to be provided by a light source, needed to deliver the required amount of lux for a specific surface area, by multiplying the lux by the area of the surface in square meters.


    If take the example of a 1m wide x 2m long kitchen benchtop, using the guides above we can see that the total output in lumens for our light fittings, needed for this workspace is 750 lux x 2sqm = 1500 lumens.


    Ideally our light source should be around 1.0 meter away from the benchtop, which in most designs, it normally is. Taking our example above, we would need 1 x 25W LED producing 1500 lumens or 2 x 25W LEDs that produce only 800 lumens each to give us our light. We can also use 4 x 15W LEDs that produce 400 lumens each.


    LEDs producing 400 lumens are a common light fitting, so in our case we would use 4 LEDs. Indeed this is the case as many kitchen lighting layouts will feature a track of 3 or 4 small light fitting over an island benchtop. This arrangement also is regarded as more appealing and less imposing than having one intense, larger light source.


    Putting it all together


    Now we have our basic principles established, we can decide on our layout. Normally we want enough lights to be able to illuminate the space but also emphasize different areas according to need. Centrally placed ceiling lights are a good first fitting, then look to add strip lights for less intrusive and muted background lighting. These are also good for highlighting a wall section or an interesting edge in the room. Add task lighting over dining areas, benchtops and other activity areas and use accent lighting to highlight a wall unit, display niches or a piece of artwork. Aim to have enough lighting to change the look of the room for specific situations during the day, for example midafternoon on a cloudy day, evening / dinner time and during late night work or tv watching. This is not only practical but gives you the best lighting conditions to maximize enjoyment of the space at a given moment.


    Remember, the fewer light fittings there are, the higher output each one must have. The further away the light is from the area we are illuminating, the stronger it must also be. Take a look below at the different lighting layouts and you will start to see how light fittings should be positioned in a space.



    Smart Lights


    Many smart lighting systems are really suited to new homes where the correct wiring and other infrastructure can be installed during construction. They require a central control hub, a series of connections and compatible light fittings for the system. The central hub can then be controlled throughout the home or even wirelessly via the internet. In established homes, owners can access some aspects of the smart lighting experience by purchasing smart fittings that connect individually to a central controller wirelessly then using a smart app to turn the fittings on or off as well as perform other functions.


    A smart lighting system can include wireless fittings, voice-controlled functions, a centralized controller and exterior lighting. The principles of laying out lights does not change with the use of smart lights. What is different is the level of control. With smart lighting you have far more control in a given situation and in more situations than the three - midafternoon, dinner, late night - described above. You can also adjust light levels easily since the units are activated automatically. Lights can be activated remotely, without the resident needing to be on the premises and specific environments can be programed to be on or off throughout the day and even when you are

    not occupying the property for an extended period of time.


    Now that we’ve explained the basics , it’s time to go light up your world. Enjoy!


    You’ll find a whole selection of lighting products to surprise and inspire you on your journey on our lessohome.com website. And you’ll

    find more great ideas in our separate blog on how to light up your home using Lesso Home light fittings.








  • 124th Canton Fair Round Up

    The 124th Canton Fair has now ended (Sunday, 4 November), closing out what yet was another very successful edition of one of the world’s

    largest and most important product sourcing events.


    At a press conference held to mark the occasion, Deputy Director General of the China Foreign Trade Center, and Fair spokesperson, Xu Bing,

    presented a round-up of the event to the media and guests in attendance. Here are some key facts and figures from the Fair:


    The total overall attendance at the Fair was slightly lower than last year, at 189,812 visitors. This represents a drop of 1.11% year-on-year when

    compared to the Autumn 2017 session.


    The breakdown of attendees by region is as follows: from the Asia region, 105,692 visitors, accounting for 55.68% of the total; from Europe,

    35,767 or 18.84% of the total; the Americas, 27,696 or 14.59%; Africa, 14,547 or 7.66% and Oceania, 6,110 or 3.22%.


    Across the board, the number of businesses & organizations taking part in the Fair grew, with participants from Africa up by 1.15%; from the

    Americas, up by 0.59%; from Asia, up by 0.82%, from Europe, up by 2.93%; and from Oceania, up by 2.95%.


    The 10 highest ranked countries and regions for exhibitors, were Hong Kong (China), USA, India, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Taiwan (China),

    Malaysia, Japan, and Indonesia.


    The top 20 countries and regions taking part in the Canton Fair accounted for nearly 65% of the total - an increase of 3.85% year-on-year overall.


    The number of buyers from countries and regions, that are part of China’s Belt & Road initiative, this session reached 84,578, accounting for

    44.56%  of the total - an increase of 0.16%.


    In terms of buyer interest, electronic goods and home appliances were the most popular categories at 40.2%, continuing what has become an

    established trend. The next most sought-after products were consumer goods at 31.3%, then home decorations at 28.28%, gifts at 26.82% and

    machinery at 26.73%.


    The value of business conducted at the Fair was again impressive. Machinery and electrical goods once again accounted for the largest value

    in terms of sales with over USD16 billion worth of contracts closed, which is 54.2% of the total. Light industrial products were next at USD7.3

    billion or 24.5%  of the total, while the third highest was textiles and apparel at around USD1.5 billion or 5.1% of total business done.


    The value of export business done by Belt & Road members was US$9.63 billion, an increase of 2.7% year-on-year and 32.3% of the session’s total.


    Innovation, Quality and the Canton Fair

    As well as delivering the performance summary, Xu reaffirmed the Fair’s role as a showcase for China’s commitment to maintaining an ethical

    and productive business environment. He said the Fair will continue to support the protection of intellectual property rights, raise awareness of the

    issue and encourage innovation. Competition in today’s business environment, said Xu, is a competition among enterprises to deliver technical

    innovation and service quality to customers.



    One of China’s leading building products manufacturers, the Lesso Group is focused on innovation which it achieves by harnessing the capabilities of its global network of research centers.


    The Lesso Group has built an enviable R&D network staffed by a 1000-strong team of doctorate holders, postgraduates, engineers, and industry consultants. As well as this, the company has set up research platforms to advance its business, including the National Accredited Enterprise Technology Center, a Post-doctoral Program, the CNAS Certification Laboratory and the Guangdong Research and Development Center for Plastic Pipe Engineering & Technology.





    China Lesso has obtained the following globally recognized certifications for its management systems: ISO9001 (Quality Management), ISO14001

    (Environmental Management) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) and has a recognized Measurement Management

    System - AAA Level. Our rigorous quality control systems cover a wide spectrum, from material selection and formulation to production processes

    and product warehousing. At China Lesso, we’re committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers.



    Lesso Home is a dynamic, B2B e-commerce brand and a key business initiative of the Lesso Group catering to professional buyers and suppliers in

    the Building Materials and Home Furnishings marketplace.


                                           The Lessohome.com home page


    Lessohome.com is our convenient online platform that features a huge range of quality products for both the design and building professional and

    the home renovator, from classic kitchens to handsome benchtops and countertops, and more. As well as great products, we have expert one-stop

    sourcing solutions and a range of value-added services to help customers with their businesses.

  • Lesso Home Welcomes Customers in Search of Effective E-marketing Solutions

    One of the world's largest trade exhibitions, the 124th Canton Fair attracts buyers from around the world, from neighboring Asian economies to buyers from America, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. The Fair is also a showcase for China's manufacturing knowhow, covering a vast catalog of goods that includes almost every kind of product that consumers around the world use every day.


    Each session of the Fair attracts over 200,000 local and international buyers and businesses 


    Another busy day ahead for these early arrivals at the Fair complex


    The Chinese consumer market boasts one of the highest volumes of e-commerce transactions in the world. The total number of mobile payments and non-cash transactions in 2017 exceeded 124 billion, making it one of the largest single markets for such transactions worldwide. The experience gained in servicing such a huge market has brought Chinese e-commerce platforms and service providers to the forefront of this service industry.


    Today, Chinese e-commerce companies are renown for their industry-leading services and skills and Lesso Home's e-commerce division, lessohome.com is pleased to be among this group of respected brands that has emerged.


    Lesso Home.com offers savvy clients a range of essential services that gets results:

    1. Professional Web Development
    2. Digital Marketing Strategies & Promotions
    3. Expert One-stop Sourcing Services


    This new era of global e-commerce, that touches on nearly everything consumers do each day, together with the multitude of social media platforms and ever increasing reach of the internet, has changed the way we live.


    Every day, nearly every one of us will browse for products and services online via a laptop, a desktop computer or mobile phone; place orders and/or receive the products or services we have ordered.


    This has put modern enterprises under increasing pressure as they become more aware of the need to change the way they do business and integrate their products and services into the e-commerce landscape.


    Each day Lesso Home welcomes new customers to our Canton Fair booth



    At the Lesso Home booth, customers can find out everything they need to know about our full suite of e-marketing and one-stop sourcing solutions



    Lesso Home's professional Web Development and Digital Marketing Solutions will get your business online for far less than you think.



    Company representatives meet with staff from Lesso Home's e-marketing division. Lesso Home's certified specialists have over 10 years' experience in online marketing, web development and search engine optimization.



    All our booth visitors are invited to talk to us about their business' needs and goals in a one-to-one setting. At Lesso Home our goal is to help your business succeed.



    Visitors to the Lesso Home booth are always given a warm welcome!

  • Discover Lesso Home's Great Products & Services


    The first and second phases of the 124th Canton Fair are now complete as the focus moves to the third and the final session which begins this week. While Phase I showcased exciting product categories like Building Materials, Appliances, Hardware & Tools and Lighting Equipment, Phase II highlights included Home Decor and Consumer Products.


    Based on what we have seen during these first two stages, the Fair has been a resounding success with a lot more business to be done in the coming days.


    If you have not yet joined the Fair we warmly invite you to do so while you still have the chance and join the thousands of buyers from Asia and around the world, who have come to Guangzhou to source goods of every description from reputable suppliers as well as seek new opportunities for their businesses.


    Lesso Home is a key business initiative for the Lesso group, one of China’s largest manufacturers of building products and home furnishings. Through our global online-to-offline sourcing platform, buyers can source a huge range of quality products and value-added services for their project or business.


    Buyers can source products like the ones above as well as Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Home Decor, Bathroom products, and Household Goods.


    Building Materials


    Lesso Home’s Building Materials range includes integrated designer cabinets and wardrobes, robust doors and windows, beautiful sanitary ware products, handsome artificial stone panels, decorative panels, sealants, and firefighting equipment.


    Kitchen Cabinets


    Lesso Home’s classical kitchens bring a touch of modern elegance to any home and utilize only the finest materials. Our kitchen cabinets and doors are made from high-density composite wood panels covered on all sides with a durable laminate finish for a watertight seal while our door handles and hinges are chrome-plated stainless steel to deliver extra long life.


    Lesso Home kitchens Cabinet come courtesy of Guangdong Lesso Cabinet Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of China Lesso Group Holdings Limited. Guangdong Lesso Cabinet Co. Ltd is dedicated to delivering superior quality, cost-effective solutions to customers. The company has emerged as a leading brand in integrated kitchens Cabinet and specializes in integrated cabinets as well as integrated wardrobes made at its two locations in Guangdong. Company highlights are:


    • Guangdong Lesso Cabinet Co Ltd has assembled a skilled team of local and international cabinet designers to handle design and development.
    • The company uses HOMAG precision equipment and production processes for its kitchens and has a proven quality inspection system in place. The German HOMAG Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for the woodworking industry.
    • The company is ISO9001and ISO14001 certified and has CCC (China Compulsory Certification) and other quality control certificates.

    Guangdong Lesso Cabinet Co. Ltd is located within a beautifully landscaped setting


    The state-of-the-art production facility uses timber from Europe and North America


    Lesso Home Door and Window Systems

    Lesso Home’s door and window frames feature a North American design style that’s perfect for adding a classic touch to any home. We have assembled a team of skilled R&D professionals who source only quality materials for our products. The raw materials of our doors and windows are from the North American-based manufacturer SKYREACH. We also have a range of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and timber doors and fire doors that feature Canadian SPF timber and perlite outer layer.

    Particle Wood in filling with Solid Core; 0.45mm natural wood veneer with friendly paintings; S.P.F Canada wood skeleton


  • The 124th Canton Fair Is Here

    The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import Export Fair and one of the largest trade shows in the world, is with us once again. This huge exhibition is a must-attend event on the yearly calendar for every professional buyer looking to source products for his or her business or project.

    The Fair takes places in Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) in the PRC, in Spring and Autumn each year and is held in 3 phases, Phase I, II & III, beginning mid-October. In the upcoming Autumn Session, Phase I will start October 15, 2018. Following is a brief introduction to the Fair and what visitors can expect at this very exciting event.


    Dates, Opening Hours & Product Categories

    Phase I October 15-19 (Mon - Fri)

    • Product Categories: Building Materials, Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Hardware & Tools, Lighting Equipment
    • Other: Chemical Products, Machinery, Vehicles & Spare Parts


    Phase II October 23-27 (Tues - Sat)

    • Product Categories: Consumer Products, Home Decorations
    • Other: Gifts


    Phase III October 31- November 04 (Wed-Sun)

    • Other: Cases & Bags, Medical Devices, and Health Products, Office Supplies, Recreation Products, Shoes, Textiles & Garments


    Opening Hours

    • 09:30-18:00 each day during that phase



    • Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center (Canton Fair Complex)
    • 380 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Pazhou District, Guangzhou


    Welcome to Canton Fair

    The Canton Fair complex is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens


    Outlook For the 2018 Autumn Session

    With the increase in countries and regions joining China's global 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, this session's Fair is expected to see an impressive level of foreign participation as more and more companies from these locations take part in the event. At the press conference held for the Fair opening, Xu Bing, Deputy Director of the China Foreign Trade Center, organizers of the Fair, said that this year's Autumn session will feature 12,125 branded sales booths and 47,522 general sales booths, representing 20% and 80% of the total number of outlets respectively. Once again, exhibition zones for imported brands selling to the local market will also be set up during Phase I and Phase III. This dedicated zone will cover a floor area of 20,000 square and be divided into six product areas featuring 998 outlets. A total of 636 foreign companies from 34 countries and regions will be exhibiting. There will also be 10 national and regional pavilions on display. The total attendance figure is expected to be similar to the last session.


    Fair attendees can browse through the thousands of products on display in the Fair's huge exhibition halls.


    Lesso Home

    Lessohome.com is an online platform of the Lesso Home Project under the Lesso Group. Providing buyers with products from Lesso and pan-home industry as well as one-stop service solutions.


    Visitors at the Lesso Home booth





    Lesso Home's broad range of online campaign capabilities and website development services ensures buyers get maximum exposure across multiple channels. Our certified specialists, with over 10 years' experience, will develop a channel-focused online campaign strategy that's right for your business.


    LESSO Booth

    LESSO Booth


    Don’t forget Lesso Home’s guide to sourcing successfully at the Canton Fair is available to registered members through our website. To get the guide all you need to do is sign in to your account, go to the download link and download the file. Signing up is free!

    We also invite you to visit us at the Lesso Home booth (T19-20) where we’ll be happy to talk about what we can do to help you source the products you need for your business.

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