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Lesso Home Welcomes Customers in Search of Effective E-marketing Solutions

One of the world's largest trade exhibitions, the 124th Canton Fair attracts buyers from around the world, from neighboring Asian economies to buyers from America, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. The Fair is also a showcase for China's manufacturing knowhow, covering a vast catalog of goods that includes almost every kind of product that consumers around the world use every day.


Each session of the Fair attracts over 200,000 local and international buyers and businesses 


Another busy day ahead for these early arrivals at the Fair complex


The Chinese consumer market boasts one of the highest volumes of e-commerce transactions in the world. The total number of mobile payments and non-cash transactions in 2017 exceeded 124 billion, making it one of the largest single markets for such transactions worldwide. The experience gained in servicing such a huge market has brought Chinese e-commerce platforms and service providers to the forefront of this service industry.


Today, Chinese e-commerce companies are renown for their industry-leading services and skills and Lesso Home's e-commerce division, lessohome.com is pleased to be among this group of respected brands that has emerged.


Lesso Home.com offers savvy clients a range of essential services that gets results:

1. Professional Web Development
2. Digital Marketing Strategies & Promotions
3. Expert One-stop Sourcing Services


This new era of global e-commerce, that touches on nearly everything consumers do each day, together with the multitude of social media platforms and ever increasing reach of the internet, has changed the way we live.


Every day, nearly every one of us will browse for products and services online via a laptop, a desktop computer or mobile phone; place orders and/or receive the products or services we have ordered.


This has put modern enterprises under increasing pressure as they become more aware of the need to change the way they do business and integrate their products and services into the e-commerce landscape.


Each day Lesso Home welcomes new customers to our Canton Fair booth



At the Lesso Home booth, customers can find out everything they need to know about our full suite of e-marketing and one-stop sourcing solutions



Lesso Home's professional Web Development and Digital Marketing Solutions will get your business online for far less than you think.



Company representatives meet with staff from Lesso Home's e-marketing division. Lesso Home's certified specialists have over 10 years' experience in online marketing, web development and search engine optimization.



All our booth visitors are invited to talk to us about their business' needs and goals in a one-to-one setting. At Lesso Home our goal is to help your business succeed.



Visitors to the Lesso Home booth are always given a warm welcome!

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