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Getting your home in top shape for your New Year celebrations

The new year is a time for renewing personal commitments or making a fresh start in life. With Christmas kicking off the holiday season, the mood around your home will be a happy one with food, friends and family and good times filling up your days.


This is also the perfect opportunity to get your home in tip-top shape for the busy times ahead. But preparations don't need to be complicated. It only takes a few simple steps and you'll be ready to handle any situation. With that said, let's begin!


To do list

The first thing that you will need to do is work out what needs to be done. This can include cleaning the home, buying decorations, making up a guest list and meal menus, and hanging up decorations. There is also an important task that is often unpopular but a must: cleaning up and taking down decorations after the celebrations have ended.


Dedicate tasks to family members

Your family will be your key support. During holidays, especially big holidays, everyone will want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. However getting ready for the good times ahead and taking part in the preparations for this are also part of the celebration. Once you have your to do list, it's time to assign the right people to the right tasks, don't forget to include your children! Let them join in the preparations. Don't expect that they will be able to perform tasks as an adult would but give them each something worthwhile to do. Let them enjoy communicating and cooperating with other family members to get the tasks done. Your children will gain immense satisfaction from taking on a task and completing it themselves.


Keep an orderly kitchen

There may be a lot of cooking going on during this period, so make sure you're stocked up on kitchen supplies and that all your appliances are in good condition. If there are any problem, have these fixed ahead of time.


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Deciding on where to celebrate

Whether the Living Room, Dining Room or entertainment area, you'll always be able to find some place where you can chat with your family and friends, or host a gathering to celebrate the New Year. Things you may need to consider are: the number of visitors, whether alcohol will be serve and whether you will need to inform or will be disturbing your neighbors.


Tips on decorating your home


  • Festive cheer highlights can include

-Colors: gold, silver, white and your favorite colors and well as those valued in your own culture

-Lighting: decorative lighting including string lights

-Indoors: metal or wall crafts, pictures and photos in frames, cleaned or new covers for your furniture, new artwork or photos on your walls

-Outdoors: a Christmas wreath on the front door, mistletoe, garlands at the main entrance, along the front steps and along railings and balconies, lanterns on the ground and paths



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  • Warm Reminder

    Having a Christmas tree is a nice idea, but if the habits and customs of your own culture do not involve having a tree, you can forego this tradition.


Be a good host

The festive season includes a lot of celebrations. A good host will be prepared with the following: a home that's ready to host more visitors than usual, interesting topics of conversation that will help guests mingle, plenty of snacks and drinks, clean rest rooms and equipment for cleaning up quickly and a good selection of music and movies for a variety of tastes. Don't forget to enjoy yourself as well and don't disappear in front of your guests for too long!


Get ready for dinner

A delicious dinner is definitely an important part of your celebrations. You can prepare some dishes in advance by buying ingredients and starting your cooking early. Some dishes can be bought pre-prepared products which will save time. This is a great opportunity for your children to get involved. Here are some suggested highlights for your menu:


-Everyone’s favorite dishes

-Champagne, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beveragesin nice glasses

-Beautiful tableware placement, selected napkinsin creative folding style, floral Napkin rings, spray roses, hydrangeas, etc. It’s a touch of elegance to your meal

-Edible glitter sprinkled on the food





After the celebration

The celebrations have been wonderful but we still have things to do. It's time for the clean up. Many hosts will be dreading this moment but it doesn't have to be a difficult time. Getting your home back to the way it was before the party takes effort but it is also a good chance to cultivate good habits and a sense of responsibility in your family, especially your children. Here are some things you will need to decide:


- What should be cleaned up that that night (eg. empty packaging, leftover food) and what can be left the next day (eg. vacuuming and dusting)
- Wash all the dishes, pick up any glasses and empty bottles, clean the kitchen and wipe down furniture
- Mow your lawn (optional)
- Take down and pack away any decorations including string lights and lighting decorations


Now that we've gone through all the important steps, you're home is now ready for the new year holidays. We hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends and don't forget that Lesso Home has a complete range of tableware, home goods and decor to help you make your holiday events a success.


Happy New Year and Enjoy!

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