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Designing with Lesso Home: Quartz


Today’s manufactured tiles for residential use are far more resilient and flexible than those of the past. Give your kitchen or bathroom a touch of class or makeover with this elegant material that adds real value to your property.


Manufactured or faux tiles are tiles that have the look of a real stone eg. marble, a natural material, but are made in the factory to exacting specifications. They now come in a range of colors and finishes that often match or at least effectively mimic their natural counterparts, but because they are not mined in a quarry and shipped to a yard for finishing, they can be had for far less cost.


If you’re working on a new home project or thinking of upgrading your existing home, we invited you to consider using faux tiles instead. Engineered tiles are durable, affordable and easy to clean. They can be more resistant to chemical attack and because of their composition, can resist staining better than real stone. Benchtops and floors are common uses for these tiles in kitchens, while in the bathroom, the material can be used for the vanity top and on floors and walls outside and inside the shower area.


When designing or finishing your space with imitation stone, incorporate the material into your layout as you would any natural stone. While a quartz benchtop or countertop should not need sealing because of its density, sealing the surface is still a prudent move and only takes a short time to complete. Your quartz tile installer will know the best sealant to use and should be able to handle this task.


Cleaning & Maintenance


Your quartz surface should be cleaned without using any chemically harsh or abrasive cleaners. Surfaces can simply be wiped down with a soft cloth and warm water. A mild dish soap may be used if there are any food grease or oil stains. Remember all stone can be damaged, no matter how good its quality, so still use care when using your surfaces. Objects hitting edges, particularly at penetrations through the material such as sinks or vanities, can damage or chip the material.


Any surface can also be damaged by any sudden or rapid changes in temperature, so avoid placing hot cooking pots or pans directly onto the surface. It is always better to use a potholder or some other dishware stand to protect your beautiful finishes.


For very tough stains, multipurpose cleaners and detergents may need to be applied using a scouring pad. A gentle cleaning action should transfer the dirt from the surface to the pad. The cleaning pad should not damage your countertop surface.


Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia when cleaning. Remember manufactured finishes are tough, but not indestructible.


Lesso Home Quartz series


Lesso Home has a stunning selection of manufactured quartz tiles that are perfectly suited to contemporary and classic designs.


These quartz tiles give industry professionals and home renovators the best of both worlds. The natural looking imitation stone tile is made using high quality materials that deliver the look and feel of real quartz without the high price tag


Quartz is made using a unique polymer resin mixed with real quartz to produce an extremely durable, long lasting floor material. This advanced manufacturing technique delivers beautiful floor products in a range of patterns and finishes that surpasses that of real stone. The material is available in a couple of thicknesses.


Panels can be cut and used in a variety of locations.




  • Impact Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Versatile
  • High Level of Color Consistency
  • NSF Certified


Can be used in


Kitchens l

  • Benchtops
  • Splashbacks
  • Tabletops



  • Vanities (Countertops)
  • Bathtub surrounds
  • Shower Walls
  • Window Sills
  • Flooring



We have a wide selection of quartz stones to choose from



Tiles for every location


 A completed bathroom layout


When done correctly, a fully tiled bathroom or kitchen looks both modern and timeless. We invite you to explore our great range of quartz tiles available from Lesso Home. Just go to the Lesso Home website and start browsing. You’ll find our tiles, product specifications and more in the Building Materials sections.

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