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About Lesso Home

Lesso Home is one of the important projects of Lesso group. It’s a new export channel that combine online and offline platform, connect domestic with overseas, develop overseas markets with high-quality manufacturers of china. It’s a global O2O sales service platform designed for Pan-home industry.

Talent Concept

Talent is the most important and valuable resources of LESSO Respect talents, make talents successful, give opportunities to those who want to pursuit success, create stages for those who are capable, and respect those who has accomplish works, which is the talent concept China Lesso always upholding.

Promotion Mechanism

China Lesso has a sound platform for staff promotion and self-development, as well as a fair, equal, and open principle of talent selection and promotion, so that every employee will be clear of his/her own direction, ignite the passion for work, and inspire the potential.

Current Opening

In the respect of talent introduction, China Lesso has established a high-standard and multi-channel mechanism. Good talents are sourced via campus recruitment, social recruitment, and overseas introduction. Enormous talent system provides a steady flow of power for the tremendous development of China Lesso. Lesso has a sound salary system. Every year, annual bonuses are granted based on business performance and target achievements, as joy sharing with employee for the harvest and also as incentives for employee to maintain high morale in continuously meeting new challenges. Employee welfare and benefits include free board and lodging, insurance coverage, holiday condolence and gifts, and paid travel.

  • Project Engineer (Building Construction)
  • Customer Focus
  • Business Development Associate
  • Auditor
  • Project Management Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Representative
  • In- House Counsel
  • Business Development and Operations Specialist
  • HRBP
  • Administrative Officer
  • Financial Controller
  • Translator
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Contract Manager
  • Project Engineer (MEP)

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