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  • 三年出口产品贸易经验
  • 业务经营许可证
  • 营业执照的业务经营相关范围︰家居、建材、灯饰、五金等与平台网站类目一致。
  • 具有优质产品,或针对海外市场自主研发畅销产品的供应商尤佳

Our Strengths

  • Three years experience in exporting product
  • Authorized business license
  • Wide business area including Home furnishing, Building materials, Hardware, Lighting and other categories same as LessoHome.com.
  • We continuously do research and development to manufacture high quality product to sell in market



  • 与领尚环球之家签订合作协议;
  • 提供完善的产品资料,产品资料关乎您的产品搜索准确度,并直接影响客户购买意愿。


How to become a supplier?

  • Sign a cooperation agreement with Lesso Home
  • Provide detailed products information, accurate information will attract buyer’s intention to buy product.

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  • 专业的推广:平台不仅采取常规的搜索引擎优化、直销电子邮件、社交媒体推广、关联网站推广、参加全球泛家居大型展会等形式来吸引优质海外买家,同时还结合海外实体商城和海外服务点的推广活动,由面到点精准推广,与全球海外采购商深度合作。
  • 有效的订单:平台线上拥有庞大的数据资源和强大的信息数据分析系统,建立完整覆盖全球的信息数据网络;平台线下依托联塑集团强大的销售网络,海外采购服务点和海外实体商城不仅能挖掘市场及采购商对泛家居领域产品的需求,也对采购商公司经营的状况有最直观的了解,完善的数据库精确地锁定目标用户群和产品主要适销市场,能够确保供应商在LESSO HOME接到的每一个询价和订单都是有诚意的,真实有效的。
  • 一站式无忧服务,LESSO HOME是线上线下紧密结合的服务平台。既在线上网站展示供应商的畅销产品,同时为供应商和采购商提供验厂验货、商检、通关、仓储物流、金融服务、安装、翻译、法律、财税等的一系列服务,建立产品从工厂到采购商的完整供应链系统,打造国内首个泛家居外贸的深度服务平台。

What we bring to you?

  • Professional marketing: Lesso Home not only takes on regular search engine optimization, direct email, social media promotion, website promotion, participation in the global Pan-home exhibition and other promotional activities to attract quality buyers but we also combine with physical mall and service centers for promotional activities, from the surface to the point of precision promotion, and the depth of cooperation with buyers..
  • Accurate Customer resources: Our platform has huge data resources and powerful information data analysis system, established information data network which covered globally, They explore the market and know the procurement requirements on pan home field products and know the status of buyer company business intuitively. Our huge database can lock the user group accurately and best-selling products in various markets. We also ensure that suppliers at Lesso Home can receive sincere, real and effective orders.
  • Good service: One-stop no worries service, Lesso Home is a service platform that connect online to offline, provides inspection, Commodity inspection, clearance, warehousing logistics, financial service, installation, translation, legal, tax and other services. Established supply chain system to sell products from factory to buyer, and to build the first international trade service platform of Pan-home in China.