Trade Services

One-Stop Customized Services

  •  通关服务
    Customs Clearance
  •  外汇结算服务
    Foreign Exchange Settlement
  •  退税服务
    Tax Refund Service
  •  一站式物流解决方案
    International Logistics
  •  售后服务
    After-Sales Service
  •  体验服务
    Experience Service
  •  代购服务
    Procurement Service





Customs Clearance

Lessohome always be with you, our professional team open up the road of export customs so that exporting goods is easy for you.

How to do?

Declaration: Goods HS code assignment, export clearance documenting, ports declaration, etc. 
To assist you for product inspection, packaging materials fumigation and other inspection and quarantine procedures.



Foreign Exchange Settlement

Lessohome could deal with acquisition of foreign currencies, and offer a variety of settlement tools. We could provide professional financial advice to protect your maximum profit.



Tax Refund Service

After buyers and suppliers signed the contract, LessoHome can provide tax refund services so that suppliers do not worry about tax issue. In order to enhancing the suppliers efficiency of capital turnover, they could apply for discounted tax rebate funds from the Lessohome to solve tax rebate problem which may takes several months.



International Logistics

Lesso has a logistics warehousing center located in Foshan, China, centralized packaging and transportation, Joining forces with large shipping and forwarding companies, domestic & foreign-based service teams, overseas warehouses and powerful international logistics information systems, Lesso Home provides customers with a competitive one-stop logistics services covering shipping, multimodal transportation, warehousing and last mile delivery, as well as home installation, and more.



After-Sales Service

Overseas service points and logistics network in 50 countries and 100 cities k, to provide last mile delivery, installation and return service for you. If you are not satisfied with the product’s quality, Our local service center will help you to return goods.



Experience Service

You can view suppliers factories and products Online, and go to offline shopping mall product to experience products. Nine supply chain groups could offer you professional procurement service for pan-home products.



Procurement Service

Utilizing the platform to access an array of high-quality factories and the production bases, our professional procurement teams will customize purchasing plans for you. All you need to do is to just confirm the samples and prices. Our teams will then help you through the whole process, including production, inspection and even product delivery right to destination.