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Premium Suppliers

Become a Lesso Home Premium Supplier for additional support and more qualified leads. We showcase our Premium Suppliers’ products in a dedicated zone on our site for maximum exposure and increased views. We hand-pick our Premium Suppliers based on quality and integrity.


  • 专业的市场推广及营销效应
  • 行业领先的搜索引擎优化技术
  • 有效的电子邮件,社交媒体和网站活动等促销推广
  • 参与贸易展览和会展的优先权益

As a Premium Supplier you'll receive:

  • Marketing Expertise
  • Industry-leading Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Effective email, social media and website campaigns
  • Participation in trade shows and exhibitions
  • Promotional activities at Lesso Home Malls and Service Centers


  1. 与全球数千名专业买家建立联系
  2. 致力于帮您推广和销售产品的专业服务
  3. 通过平台定向的推广和促销活动增加您的产品的曝光度
  4. 为您的品牌增添更多价值

Benefits of being a Lesso Home Supplier

  1. Reach thousands of professional buyers around the globe
  2. Access a full suite of powerful professional services dedicated to helping you market and sell your products
  3. Put your products in the spotlight through our focused marketing campaigns and promotions
  4. Add even more value to your brand


  • 确定您要销售的产品
  • 填写申请表
  • 提交表格以注册成为供应商
  • 我们会尽快与您联系,并完成您的注册后续程序

4 easy steps before applying

  • Determine your product line
  • Complete the Application Form
  • Submit the Supplier Registration Form
  • We will contact you shortly with follow-up procedures to complete your registration


  • 与领尚环球之家平台签订官方合作协议。
  • 并在同时准备好有关您的产品的详细信息。信息越准确,您就越有可能吸引买家。

How to apply

  • Sign an official Cooperation Agreement with Lesso Home.
  • Prepare detailed information about your products. The more accurate the information, the more likely you will attract buyers.


  • 第1步,提交注册成功并等待批准
  • 第2步,经审批确认批准后,自行管理您的店铺并上传产品
  • 第3步,维护店铺的日常运营
  • 第4步,接收询单并后续跟进

After you are registered as a Supplier

  • Step1. Register sucessfully and wait for approval
  • Step2. Manage your shop and upload products
  • Step3. Maintain and operate your own shop
  • Step4. Get customer inquiries and follow up


  • 3年以上的业务运转良好的企业
  • 正式成立并获得许可的合法企业
  • 生产和出口下述一种或多种类别产品的厂商
    • 家具类
    • 家饰家纺
    • 照明灯具
    • 建材类
    • 五金电气类
    • 酒店用品
    • 生活用品
    • 家电类
    • 智能家居
  • 致力于生产高品质产品并不断研发符合海外市场需求的新产品的公司

We’re looking for Suppliers who are:

  • Established market players with a minimum of 3 years’ experience operating their businesses.
  • Legitimate enterprises that have been formally established and authorized
  • Manufactures / Exporters in one or more of the following product categories:
    • Furnishings
    • Home Decor & Textiles
    • Lights & Light Fittings
    • Building Materials
    • Electrical, Hardware & Tools
    • Hotel Supplies
    • Household Goods
    • Home Appliances
    • Smart Home products
  • Companies committed to producing high-quality goods and who have invested in the research and development of products that cater to, and show an understanding of, overseas markets