Yaorong wall lamp YR-WL

  • Yaorong wall lamp YR-WL
  • Yaorong wall lamp YR-WL
  • Yaorong wall lamp YR-WL
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Yaorong wall lamp YR-WL
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US $38.12

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Mainly used for buildings, stadiums, industrial lighting, architectural lighting and other places, professional wall lamp.
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Shenzhen Yaorong Technology Co., Ltd
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ItemsSAP NumberSizeModel No.ColorLumen MaintenanceVoltage PowerIC ChipNet WeightUnit Price(in US $)Quantity
9200034917196*148*166mmYR-WL196-W015-Y1black/coffee1650;Power mode:SS-20R-36AC100-277V 15WPhilips 30301.46 Kilogram/KgUS $38.12grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034918196*148*166mmYR-WL196-W024-Y1black/coffee2640;Power mode:SS-35R-36AC100-277V 24WPhilips 30301.46 Kilogram/KgUS $47.11grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034919196*148*166mmYR-WL196-W048-Y1black/coffee5280;Power mode: SS-50R-36AC100-277V 48WPhilips 30301.46 Kilogram/KgUS $57.25grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034920272*213*223mmYR-WL268-W070-Y1-Pn-Mblack/coffee7000;Power mode:SS-75H-36BAC100-277V 70WPhilips 30303.60 Kilogram/KgUS $96.43grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034921272*213*223mmYR-WL268-W070-Y4-Pn-Mblack/coffee7000;Power mode:EUG-096S360DTAC100-277V 70WPhilips 30303.60 Kilogram/KgUS $157.28grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034922272*213*223mmYR-WL268-W090-Y1-Pn-Mblack/coffee9000;Power mode:SS-100V-38BAC100-277V 90WPhilips 30303.80 Kilogram/KgUS $117.41grouped-minusgrouped-plus
9200034923272*213*223mmYR-WL268-W090-Y4-Pn-Mblack/coffee9000;Power mode:EUG-096S360DTAC100-277V 90WPhilips 30303.80 Kilogram/KgUS $169.49grouped-minusgrouped-plus
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Item Description

•Including a number of patents . Modular lens design in order to make light be suitable for wall lamp.
•The power supply and light source module can be separated and designed so that the installation of the product is more convenient.
•Power replaceable design, which is convenient for customers to change power supply.
•Good appearance, adopting to Samsung or PHILPS lamp.
•Using the high performance Song Sheng power.
•Waterproof grade: IP6.


Model NumberYR-WL
Color Temperature3000/4000/5000k for choice
Light SourceSMD
Lamp Body Materialaluminum die casting and PC cover/white/transparent
IC ChipPhilips 3030