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Guangdong Zhida Furnishings Industrial Co., Ltd

Guangdong, China | Supplier Registration No: K-HD102892| 1YR Established

Industrial Style Beige Yarn-dyed Jacquard Curtains

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Industrial Style Beige Yarn-dyed Jacquard Curtains

US $12.31
/ Set
Min. Order 1 Set/Sets

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Features Highlights :

• Yarn-dyed jacquard technology
• High-warp jacquard fabric
• Industrial style
• Abstract geometric pattern, vivid and lively
• Full light shading
• Suitable for bedroom and living room

SAP Number Size Model No. Color Unit Price(in US $) Quantity Items
9200006816 2*(W)1.3M*(H)2.7M/SET (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A 2.6W*2.7H beige US $76.43
9200006819 2*(W)2.5M*(H)2.7M/SET (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A 5W*2.7H beige US $146.91
9200006822 2*(W)1.5M*(H)2.7M/SET (Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A 3W*2.7H beige US $44.87
9200007266 2*(W)3M*(H)2.7M/SET (Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A 6W*2.7H beige US $89.74
9200006817 2*(W)1.5M*(H)2.7M/SET (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A 3W*2.7H beige US $88.15
9200006820 2*(W)3M*(H)2.7M/SET (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A 6W*2.7H beige US $176.29
9200006823 2*(W)2M*(H)2.7M/SET (Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A 4W*2.7H beige US $68.10
9200006821 custom (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A custom beige US $26.21
9200006818 2*(W)2M*(H)2.7M/SET (Curtain Panels) ZK17411-1A 4W*2.7H beige US $117.53
9200031577 2*(W)1.3M*(H)2.7M/SET (Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A 2.6W*2.7H beige US $44.87
9200006824 2*(W)2.5M*(H)2.7M/SET (Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A 5W*2.7H beige US $89.74
9200006825 custom(Window Gauze) ZSW17402-1A custom beige US $12.31
SAP Number Size Model No. Color Unit Price(in US $) Quantity Items
Total Price:
US $0.00


Certificates GB
Qty Unit Type Set/Sets
Minimum Qty 1
Model Number Horizon line
Stock Status Made to Order
Brand Zhida
Color beige
Origin Loading Port Shenzhen
Main Market Asia, Europe, America, Middle Afria, New Zeland,Canada
HS Code 630399
Type Curtain
Usage/Application Window decoration
Material 100%Polyester
Dimension 2*(W)1.3M*(H)2.7M/SET
Packing Details customized
Style Industrial style
Production Cycle Days 30
Cleaning Method Industrial washing 
Liner Or Backing Included No
Light Filtration Room Darkening
Pattern horizon line
Thermal Insulation No
Noise Reducing No
Water Resistant No
Additional Parts Required Roman rod or hook
Pieces Included 2 pieces of curtain panels and gauzes

Item Description

The item (the ready-made curtain) includes 2 pieces of curtain used yarn-dyed jacquard technology. Industrial style shows modern mainstream. Abstract geometric pattern is vivid and lively. The greatest advantage is the full light shading which provides a comfortable living environment for people by reducing noise, blocking light and lowering temperature. It also protects privacy so that people can have sense of security. The item is suitable for bedroom and living room.


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