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Diesel Generator

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Diesel Generator

Min. Order 1 Set/Sets

Port :

Shanghai, China

Features Highlights :

• Bright and Attractive
• Beautiful and fashionable canopy with tight structure. Loading quantity: 14sets/20' GP and 28 sets/40' HQ;
• The canopy use high quality flame-retardant and sound-absorbing sponge to reduce the noise level, which could reach 62 Dba/7m;
• Strong and Durable: used 2 mm thickness cold rolled steel,and the surface of the canopy is used powder painting;
• Humanized design fully consider the customer experience and improve its service satisfaction;
• Best Cost-Performance: equipped with UK-imported Deepsea controller

SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Voltage Power Quantity Items
9200008327 1680x800x1050 LSY8S 600.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 7.9KVA
9200008330 1840x800x1050 LSY15S 716.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 15KVA
9200008333 2100X880x1150 LSY25S 950.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 24.6KVA
9200008336 1680x800x1050 LSY15S3 625.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 14.9KVA
9200008339 1950x800x1050 LSY30S3 760.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 29.7KVA
9200008342 2000x800x1150 LSY55S3 1300.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 55KVA
9200008345 2300x950x1250 LSY100S3 1550.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 96KVA
9200008348 3350x1080x1500 LSY150S3 2300.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 150KVA
9200008328 1680x800x1050 LSY10S 620.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 9.5KVA
9200008331 1840X800x1050 LSY18S 730.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 18.4KVA
9200008334 1680x800x1050 LSY11S3 590.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 11KVA
9200008337 1840x800x1050 LSY18S3 690.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 17.6KVA
9200008340 2100x880x1150 LSY33S3 990.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 33KVA
9200008343 2200x900x1150 LSY70S3 1455.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 69KVA
9200008346 2750x1050x1350 LSY110S3 1650.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 110KVA
9200008329 1680x800x1050 LSY12S 640.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 12.3KVA
9200008332 1950X800x1050 LSY22S 800.00 Kilogram/Kg 230V 22KVA
9200008335 1680x800x1050 LSY12S3 600.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 12.1KVA
9200008338 1840x800x1050 LSY23S3 700.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 23.1KVA
9200008341 2100x880x1150 LSY41S3 990.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 41.3KVA
9200008344 2300x950x1250 LSY80S3 1530.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 80KVA
9200008347 3000x1080x1500 LSY125S3 1950.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 125KVA
SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Voltage Power Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Set/Sets
Minimum Qty 1
Model Number LSY
Stock Status Made to Order
Brand LEES
Origin Loading Port Shanghai, China
Main Market Nigeria,Honduras,South Africa,Ethiopia,Iraq
HS Code 8502120000
Type Diesel Generator
Usage/Application Factory Use
Material Stainless Steel/Copper/Aluminum
Voltage 230/400V
Production Cycle (Days) 30
Pieces Included Engine and Alternator

Item Description

LEES series diesel generators have a wide power range from 8~440kVA.
This silent type generator with Chinese engine and alternator are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.

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