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Doosan Diesel Generator

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Doosan Diesel Generator

Min. Order 1 Set/Sets

Port :

Shanghai, China

Features Highlights :

• Standby Power 165 kVA~828 kVA
• Doosan engine + Stamford alternator + Deepsea controller 6020
• Ultra silent operation 60 dB(A)/7m
• Open/Silent/Trailer type is optional

SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Voltage Power Quantity Items
9200008349 3620*1230*2000 LSDS165S3 2350.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 165KVA
9200008352 3620*1230*2000 LSDS254S3   2850.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 254KVA
9200008355 4260*1600*2100 LSDS407S3   4100.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 407KVA
9200008358 4260*1600*2100 LSDS583S3   5800.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 583KVA
9200008361 5060*1700*2500 LSDS759S3   11000.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 759KVA
9200008350 3620*1230*2000 LSDS182S3  2400.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 182KVA
9200008353 4260*1450*2100 LSDS308S3   2900.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 308KVA
9200008356 4260*1600*2100 LSDS468S3   5100.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 468KVA
9200008359 4700*1650*2350 LSDS632S3  6200.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 632KVA
9200008362 5060*1700*2500 LSDS828S3   11500.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 828KVA
9200008351 3620*1230*2000 LSDS225S3   2750.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 225KVA
9200008354 4260*1450*2100 LSDS334S3   2900.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 334KVA
9200008357 4260*1600*2100 LSDS511S3   5500.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 511KVA
9200008360 4700*1650*2350 LSDS703S3   6400.00 Kilogram/Kg 230/400V 703KVA
SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Voltage Power Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Set/Sets
Minimum Qty 1
Model Number LSDS
Stock Status Made to Order
Brand LEES
Origin Loading Port Shanghai, China
Main Market Kenya,Nigeria,Nigeria,Philippines,Honduras,Indonesia,Thiland
Type Diesel Generator
Usage/Application For Project
Material Stainless Steel/Copper/Aluminum
Voltage 230/400V
Production Cycle (Days) 30
Pieces Included Engine and Alternator

Item Description

LEES Doosan generators have a wide power range from 165~927kVA. This silent type generator with DOOSAN Engine and Chinese alternator are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.

·Performance: Best engines ensure the best performance and the strongest power, which make sure gensets work smoothly.
·Optimization: LEES make some improvements for engines, which make the engines more suitable for generators.
·Silence: LEES take use of two-step silencing with 5cm thickness and high density mute cotton to low the noise. The generators could reach at 60 dbA/7m without loading and 62-65 dbA/7m with full loading.
·Elegance: LEES generator's appearance is very fashionable and beautiful, with bright yellow color, which makes the gensets high recognition. Waterproof canopy use 2mm cold-rolled steel with powder painting to produce.
·Intelligence: LEES use world famous brand Deepsea controller to control and protect the genset. Push-to-start is very convenient.
·Design and Details: Considerate design is the aims and objectives. To make customers satisfied and optimize customers' experience, LEES focus on every detail and review every improvement at regular intervals.

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