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LESSO Veneer Internal Door with PVC Finish

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LESSO Veneer Internal Door with PVC Finish

Min. Order 180 Piece/Pieces

Features Highlights :

Application area:Interior door;

Main material:Solid wood door,PVC;

Doorway Size:900*2100*150mm (W×H×D)

Color:Other colors are available according to the request

Door lock price is not included

Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items
2100*900*150mm LS-M001 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm LS-M007 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm LS-M002 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm LS-M006 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Piece/Pieces
Minimum Qty 180
Model Number LS-M001
Stock Status Made to Order

Item Description

•Canada Material Quality Assurance:
The material of LESSO Rili door comes from SPF high quality wood of Canada, which can
assure the high quality wooden door for different requirements. Different material of door core
suits different usage. It is safer,more affordable, more environment-friendly and
comfortable than other door. Deformation is the common problem for wooden door. Because
solid door cannot be dried totally, it is hard to dispense the principle of Expansion and
contraction. In order to solve this problem, LESSO Rili choose SPF material for door with
especially 38±15mm thickness, combined with optional door core and advanced cold-pressing
technique,which protects the door from deformation and bending.
SPF is a kind of softwood coming from Canada forest. It is the most suitable material for
building industry because of its' straightness, strength weight ratio, workability, value and
usability. It grows up slowly in the cold north forest of Canada. It has the tight grain, tiny knots,
which is apt to get straight and stable timber. SPF is obviously white wood which is bright,
clean and the color ranges from white to pale yellow. Besides, it has the fine and straight
grain as well as smooth texture, owning high strength weight ratio, outstanding operation
performance and perfect combination with nail.

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