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LESSO Wood Veneer Interior Door

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LESSO Wood Veneer Interior Door

Min. Order 180 Piece/Pieces

Features Highlights :

Application area:Interior door;

Main material:Solid wood door;

General Specification:900*2100mm (W×H);

Packing specification for face of door:900*2100*80mm (W×H×D);

Doorframe packing specification:2300*290*100mm (H×W×D);

Packing specification for sealing line:2250*150*60mm (H×W×D);

Color:Other colors are available according to the request

Door lock price is not included

Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items
2100*900*150mm RL-WD69 Maigelie, 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm RL-WD45 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm RL-WD33 Sapele 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
2100*900*150mm RL-WD93 White 45.00 Kilogram/Kg
Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Piece/Pieces
Minimum Qty 180
Model Number RL-WD69
Stock Status Made to Order

Item Description

•Modern Vogue Style--Free Combination Lives with the Sun
Home is warmly surrounded by sunshine penetrating through glass door. The combination of
glass and wood not only can separate the sun, but also can contact with sunlight, which
puts home and nature into one harmoniously. Omnipresent sunshine makes the most
precious part of life more splendid and clear. Most of people can savor the significant sunshine
in such a wonderful home.

•Modern Concise Style--Elegant Natural Taste
Life is becoming more and more exquisite in any details. Partition not only exhibits personal
space of life, but also creates a kind of aesthetic feeling for home. The combination of
wood and glass is to make the space more nature and harmonious.

•European Classical Style--Elegant and Luxurious in Beautiful Style
Emphasizing flowing change of line is the characteristic of European classical style. Focus exquisite carven workmanship on decoration art and take splendid color coordinated with warm one.
The line position of doorframe is decorated with arc or golden-edge. Magnificent and solemn atmosphere is formed in Classical European style.

•European Pastoralism--Return to Original Nature Diffusing Green Perfume
Pastoralism advocates to return to original nature. It adopts nature color as the main color, such as brown and the color of wood grain. It pursues some kinds of simple, natural and original
furniture style instead of complicated carven art. Pastoralism interprets casual, comfortable and natural life style.

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