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Groove-Type Reducing Tee

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Groove-Type Reducing Tee

Min. Order 10 Piece/Pieces

Port :

Guangzhou Huangpu Port

Features Highlights :

•Exquisite appearance
•Easy installation
•Perfect fireproof performance

Size Model No. Net Weight Quantity Items
Φ76*33 shen gao brand Φ76*33 Groove-type reducing tee 1.05 Kilogram/Kg
Φ76*60 shen gao brand Φ76*60 Groove-type reducing tee 1.05 Kilogram/Kg
Φ89*60 shen gao brand Φ89*60 Groove-type reducing tee 1.28 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*42 shen gao brand Φ114*42 Groove-type reducing tee 1.75 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*76 shen gao brand Φ114*76 Groove-type reducing tee 1.77 Kilogram/Kg
Φ140*89 shen gao brand Φ140*89 Groove-type reducing tee 2.85 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*48 shen gao brand Φ165*48 Groove-type reducing tee 3.10 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*89 shen gao brand Φ165*89 Groove-type reducing tee 3.15 Kilogram/Kg
Φ76*42 shen gao brand Φ76*42 Groove-type reducing tee 1.05 Kilogram/Kg
Φ89*42 shen gao brand Φ89*42 Groove-type reducing tee 1.13 Kilogram/Kg
Φ89*76 shen gao brand Φ89*76 Groove-type reducing tee 1.26 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*48 shen gao brand Φ114*48 Groove-type reducing tee 1.75 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*89 shen gao brand Φ114*89 Groove-type reducing tee 1.86 Kilogram/Kg
Φ140*114 shen gao brand Φ140*114 Groove-type reducing tee 2.74 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*60 shen gao brand Φ165*60 Groove-type reducing tee 3.15 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*114 shen gao brand Φ165*114 Groove-type reducing tee 3.97 Kilogram/Kg
Φ76*48 shen gao brand Φ76*48 Groove-type reducing tee 1.05 Kilogram/Kg
Φ89*48 shen gao brand Φ89*48 Groove-type reducing tee 1.23 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*33 shen gao brand Φ114*33Groove-type reducing tee 1.75 Kilogram/Kg
Φ114*60 shen gao brand Φ114*60 Groove-type reducing tee 1.82 Kilogram/Kg
Φ140*76 shen gao brand Φ140*76Groove-type reducing tee 2.80 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*42 shen gao brand Φ165*42 Groove-type reducing tee 3.16 Kilogram/Kg
Φ165*76 shen gao brand Φ165*76 Groove-type reducing tee 3.48 Kilogram/Kg
Size Model No. Net Weight Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Piece/Pieces
Minimum Qty 10
Model Number shen gao brand Groove-type reducing tee
Stock Status In Stock
Brand Shen Gao brand
Origin Loading Port Guangzhou Huangpu Port
Main Market Bengal,Tanzania,India
HS Code 7307990000
Type Fire Equipment
Usage/Application Quick connection of fire fighting pipe
Material Iron
Production Cycle(Days) 3
Pieces Included Groove-type reducing tee

Item Description

Groove pipe connection operation is very simple, no special professional skills, ordinary workers can be operated after a simple training. This is because the product has a large number of fine technical part of the factory into the production of the product. It takes only a few minutes to connect the pipe fittings, which simplifies the technical difficulty of the field operation, saves the working hours, and also stabilizes the engineering quality and improves the working efficiency. This is also the overall direction of the development of installation technology.

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