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Yaorong flood light YR-FL

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Yaorong flood light YR-FL

Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces

Features Highlights :

•Mainly used for outdoor floodlight, building decoration lighting, industrial lighting, advertising lighting, etc..
•There are street lighting system, swimming pool, pool, gymnasium, basketball court, stadium and other lighting places.

SAP Number Size Model No. Color Lumen Maintenance Voltage Power IC Chip Net Weight Quantity Items
9200034739 179 * 151 * 45mm YR-FL220-W30-X black/silvery 3300;Power mode:SS-35R-36A AC 90V~305V 30W Samsung 351B 1.60 Kilogram/Kg
9200034742 375*290*66mm YR-FL330-W100-X black/silvery 11000;Power mode:HLG-120H-36A AC 90V~305V 100W Samsung 351B 4.70 Kilogram/Kg
9200034745 455*648*98mm YR-FL390-W280-X black/silvery 20800;Power mode:HLG-185H-36A*2 AC 90V~305V 280W Samsung 351B 15.00 Kilogram/Kg
9200034751 375*290*66 YR-FL330-W80 black/silvery 8000;Power mode:SS-80R-36 AC 90V~305V 80W Philips 3030 4.60 Kilogram/Kg
9200034754 455*344*98 YR-FL390-W150 black/silvery 15000;Power mode:SS-150H-36 AC 90V~305V 150W Philips 3030 7.90 Kilogram/Kg
9200034740 334*241*62mm YR-FL280-W50-X black/silvery 5500;Power mode:HLG-60H-36A AC 90V~305V 50W Samsung 351B 3.20 Kilogram/Kg
9200034743 455*344*98mm YR-FL390-W140-X black/silvery 15400;Power mode:HLG-185H-36A AC 90V~305V 140W Samsung 351B 7.90 Kilogram/Kg
9200034749 179 * 151 * 45mm YR-FL220-W30 black/silvery 3000;Power mode:SS-35H-36 AC 90V~305V 30W Philips 3030 1.60 Kilogram/Kg
9200034752 375*290*66 YR-FL330-W100 black/silvery 10000;Power mode:SS-100H-36 AC 90V~305V 100W Philips 3030 4.70 Kilogram/Kg
9200034755 455*648*98 YR-FL390-W200 black/silvery 20000;Power mode:SS-200H-36 AC 90V~305V 200W Philips 3030 9.20 Kilogram/Kg
9200034741 375*290*66mm YR-FL330-W80-X black/silvery 8800;Power mode:HLG-100H-36A AC 90V~305V 80W Samsung 351B 4.60 Kilogram/Kg
9200034744 455*648*98mm YR-FL390-W210-X black/silvery 23100;Power mode:HLG-240H-36A AC 90V~305V 210W Samsung 351B 11.00 Kilogram/Kg
9200034750 334*241*62 YR-FL280-W50 black/silvery 5000;Power mode:SS-70H-36 AC 90V~305V 50W Philips 3030 3.20 Kilogram/Kg
9200034753 455*344*98 YR-FL390-W120 black/silvery 12000;Power mode:SS-120H-36 AC 90V~305V 120W Philips 3030 7.90 Kilogram/Kg
SAP Number Size Model No. Color Lumen Maintenance Voltage Power IC Chip Net Weight Quantity Items


Qty Unit Type Piece/Pieces
Minimum Qty 1
Model Number YR-FL
Brand Yaorong
Color Temperature 3500/4000/5000k for choice
Light Source SMD
Brightness/Lumens 100LM/W
Lamp Body Material aluminum die casting and PC or lens

Item Description

•Leakage type heat dissipation structure, the better cooling effect of floodlights.
•Separable design of optical lens modul and specialand multisurface lens design.
•Distinctive and consistent with mechanical structure hanger Design,safety and firmly,install angle can be adjusting,so it is easy to intall to users.
•Having good apperance,adopting to 120LM/W PHILPS lamp,the effect of whole lighting is 100lm/w.
•Using the high performance MingWei power.

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