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88° Sanitary Tee White, BS Standard PVC-U Drainage

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88° Sanitary Tee White, BS Standard PVC-U Drainage

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88° Sanitary Tee (Soc×Soc×Soc)

◎ Material: Unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride)

◎ Size: full 1-1/4" through 6" availability

◎ Standard: BS 5255 / BS 4514 / BS 4660 / BS 5481 / BS EN 1329-1

◎ Colors: white, brown or other colors availability upon request

◎Applications:For use in above ground drainage systems intended

to convey normal domestic effluents and surface rainwater.

SAP Number Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items
8020021486 DN1-1/4"(32mm) 8020021486 White 65.00 Gram/g
8020021487 DN3"(82mm) 8020021487 White 374.00 Gram/g
8020021485 DN1-1/2"(40mm) 8020021485 White 98.00 Gram/g
8020021488 DN4"(110mm) 8020021488 White 639.00 Gram/g
8020020859 DN2"(50mm) 8020020859 White 150.00 Gram/g
8020021683 DN6"(160mm) 8020021683 White 1.44 Kilogram/Kg
SAP Number Size Model No. Color Net Weight Quantity Items


Certificates SGS, INTERTEK, CE, BV
Model Number 8020021486
Stock Status Made to Order
Color White
Origin Loading Port Shenzhen
Main Market Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa
HS Code 39174000
Type Building>> Pipe & Fittings>>PVC-U Pipe & Fitting
Usage/Application Water Drainage
Material PVC-U

Item Description

◎ High Flow Capacity:

The smooth interior walls and low friction of PVC-U drainage fittings result in low

flow resistance and high volume.

◎ Corrosion Resistance:

PVC-U drainage fittings are non-conductors of electricity and immune to

electrochemical reactions caused by acids, bases, and salts that cause corrosion

in metals.

◎ Low Installation Costs: PVC-U drainage fittings are lightweight and are

installed with solvent cement, and gasketed joint. Ease of installation reduces the

installation costs.

◎ Long Service Life: PVC-U drainage fittings can work for more than 52

years under proper use.

◎ Environment-friendly: PVC-U drainage fittings can be recycled.


  • SGS
  • CE
  • BV

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