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Shenzhen Minle Pipe Industry Co., Ltd

Guangdong, China | Supplier Registration No: B-BU103233| Recently Established

Cross (Double Compression Connection)

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Cross (Double Compression Connection)

US $7.13
/ Meter
Min. Order 1 Meter/Meters

Features Highlights :

•Durability, High Temperature And Pressure Resistance
•Environmental Care
•Cost Saving

SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Unit Price(in US $) Quantity Items
9200033535 16 S1-DN15 0.05 Kilogram/Kg US $7.13
9200033538 32 S1-DN32 0.25 Kilogram/Kg US $12.10
9200033541 76.1 S1-DN65 1.46 Kilogram/Kg US $31.48
9200033536 20 S1-DN20 0.99 Kilogram/Kg US $9.23
9200033539 40 S1-DN40 0.37 Kilogram/Kg US $12.45
9200033542 88.9 S1-DN80 1.83 Kilogram/Kg US $42.95
9200033537 25.4 S1-DN25 0.14 Kilogram/Kg US $9.68
9200033540 50.8 S1-DN50 0.54 Kilogram/Kg US $30.74
9200033543 101.6 S1-DN100 2.42 Kilogram/Kg US $43.78
SAP Number Size Model No. Net Weight Unit Price(in US $) Quantity Items
Total Price:
US $0.00


Qty Unit Type Meter/Meters
Minimum Qty 1
Model Number S1-DN15
Stock Status In Stock
Brand Ml
Main Market Bali, India, Mozambique, Rwanda, Bangladesh
HS Code 7306400000
Type Pipe Fittings
Usage/Application Water supply and drainage, Direct drinking, fire, The food hygiene, The fuel gas, Solar energy, medical, Air conditioning, Industrial pipeline engineering
Material SUS30408
Packing Details Made to Order
Certificate TS, ISO9001, ISO14001, Comfortable housing certification, Health license approval

Item Description

Minyue Water Pipe Fittings has better corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature performance than traditional pipe.
All the Pipes and Fittings of Minyue are made of high quality stainless steel produced by large stainless steel production enterprises such as posco, and are made of single-side welded double-sided molding automatic TIG welding technology.
The welding seam is full. Their pressure bearing capacity is good and can bear the water pressure of 2.5mpa;
The chemical element content of 304 tubes is close to 900L.
Applying automatic fine polishing processing technology on steel pipe surface, which improve the degree of finish. With strong and dense protective film, these products can get self-repair after the damage quickly.

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