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Direct from the Factory

Great products at below-wholesale prices

  1. All the products in our extensive range of Building Materials & Home Furnishings are available to you at Factory Direct Prices. You buy directly from the manufacturer - save on wholesale margins and handling fees, and get the lowest possible price.
  2. Lesso Home’s low price guarantee, along with our powerful Financial Support services, gives you a competitive edge. Protect your company’s bottom line with Lesso Home!

Real One-Stop Service

No more hassles with customs

  1. Whether you’re a builder, designer, or a professional buyer, Lesso Home is with you every step of the way. We offer you a complete One-Stop Service that seamlessly connects our online and offline e-commerce capabilities and takes the worry out of importing goods to your destination.
  2. With Lesso Home, a dedicated account manager will follow your order from placement to completion. Our sourcing professionals manage of every aspect of your purchase, delivering a full range of services that covers the entire procurement spectrum:

    • Order Placement
    • Sourcing Suppliers
    • Production Monitoring
    • Inspection and Shipping Coordination
    • Delivery
    • After-Sale Service
    • And More
  3. Our professionals can assist you with every facet of the import/export process. We can:

    • Help suppliers determine and assign correct HS codes
    • Provide export documents and make the necessary declarations at ports
    • Carry out product inspections including fumigation and quarantine procedures if needed
    • Manage import customs clearance
    • Transfer imports through customs and relevant customs declarations in each country or territory
  4. Your point-of-contact Lesso Home professional will help you access our extensive suite of business services. More details about how we can help your business thrive can be found in Trade Services, Financial Services, and other links.
  5. Lesso Home’s One-Stop Service is an integrated services solution that helps ensure your project’s success.

Safe and Secure Trade

Your purchases are backed by one of the world’s largest building materials manufacturers

When you buy from Lesso Home, you can rest easy. You’re buying from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Building Materials and Home Furnishing products. We offer an extensive range of trade assurances and protections for both the Buyer and Supplier to ensure that all transactions are carried out safely and securely.

  1. Trade Assurance

    Lesso Home provides assurance for both Buyers and Suppliers on all orders.

    • For Suppliers, we conduct credit assessments on Buyers and can arrange insurance on orders, settlements insurance, and products insurance.
    • For Buyers, we have a full suite of financial and order protection services available to safeguard your purchase investment.
  2. Audits & Inspections

    At Lesso Home we audit all our suppliers to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Our process includes checking factory certificates, product certificates, production capacity, and quality control systems. Our audit and inspection teams monitor every step from sample production to shipment and beyond, to ensure our customers only receive quality products.

  3. Factory Audit

    Our inspection teams will visit and inspect a Supplier’s production facilities to ensure that it is an authentic business. As part of our inspections, we will review factory qualifications & certifications, production certificates, production capacity, and quality control systems.

  4. Facility Inspections

    Our inspections of a Supplier’s business include:

    • Inspections of product samples to ensure that the manufacturer clearly understands the Buyer’s order brief
    • An initial production inspection to ensure that the right quality control systems are in place
    • A production processes inspection to ensure the quality of the finished product
    • A finished product inspection to check all standards have been met before shipment
    • A final inspection as the container is loaded
  5. Order Protection

    At Lesso Home, we verify the quality of all products and suppliers. Each shipment is released only after a thorough quality inspection, and buyers can double-check orders at our service center before taking delivery. Our service centers also provide after-sales service to our customers.

    The Lesso Home order guarantee system helps with settling accounts and with credit services, eliminating the risks related to the sale.

    For Buyers - After you confirm your order and pay a deposit, Lesso Home will process the order, arrange inspections, and coordinate logistics to ensure that you successfully receive your goods.

    For Suppliers - After delivery, the Lesso Home payment guarantee removes the risk to suppliers after the goods have been delivered and contract conditions met.

    Our order guarantee system is operated by our network of local service centers and Lesso Home Malls located throughout North America. These single-point-of-service assets offer a range of services for buyers and suppliers in addition to our trade assurance system, including:

    • Assistance with business negotiations
    • Product promotions
    • Market Research
    • Product Inspections

Global Customer Support

Delivered through our local Service Center network

  1. At Lesso home, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. From our headquarters in Foshan to our multiple Service Centers around the globe, our world class point-of-service network, staffed by a team of e-commerce experts, brings you exceptional levels of service to help your business thrive.
  2. Each of our service divisions is staffed by skilled professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. Each team is responsible for delivering its own suite of Business-to-Business solutions designed to deliver complementing benefits for Buyers and Suppliers.
  3. Lesso Home international services staff can be found in 15 Service Centers located in 13 countries around the world. We provide a range of online and offline support services to maximize trade opportunities and deliver optimal results for our customers.

Financial Assistance

Tailor-made financial support services that work for you

  1. Lesso Home’s Finance Assist is a suite of invaluable Financial Support services designed to help buyers and suppliers with essential business practices. Our time-saving services can assist with payment shortfalls and provide tax and other financial advice.
  2. Our point-of-contact Finance Assist professionals are on hand to provide you with access to our extensive range of financial services and will help ensure your business continues to run smoothly (eligibility required).
  3. Financial Services for Buyers

    Ordering & Contract Negotiation Services

    Once you place your order inquiry or request for quote, a Lesso Home team member will review your information and contact you to discuss the quote details and help with remaining steps before placing the order. Your dedicated Account Manager will confirm the order/contract with the Supplier to ensure you get the products you want at the lowest price possible.

  4. Factory Direct Purchasing

    At Lesso Home, every product you buy is at a Factory Direct Price. By eliminating wholesale margins and intermediary fees, you can be confident that you are buying products at “better than wholesale” prices.

  5. Secure Payment

    Production begins once the contract is finalized and full payment has been received. All our suppliers’ manufacturing processes and products are closely inspected by our sourcing team to ensure they have meet the agreed-upon benchmarks for quality. We place your payment in a certified escrow account that guarantees your capital. Our well-established handling procedures and deposit guarantee ensure that your funds are secure and protected against any loss.

  6. Financial Services for Suppliers

    Foreign Exchange Settlement

    Lesso Home can handle transactions in foreign currencies on behalf of our Suppliers, and we offer a variety of tools to help with settlements. We can also provide financial advice to help you maximize your earnings from these transactions.

    Tax Refund Service

    Our Tax Refund Service takes the worry out of applying for and receiving tax refunds for Suppliers. To aid capital flow and enhance operational efficiency, Suppliers can even apply for discounted tax refunds from Lesso Home to help ensure their businesses continue to operate smoothly in the event of any delays in the payment of tax refunds.